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Manufacturing Excellency

Tahweel multi-layer cast film’s manufacturing technology has set a new industry standard for production line innovation. With the wide range of different load wrapping specifications that exist today, and the wide variety of machinery used to wrap loads, an extensive range in types and sizes of films are required for manufacturers to attain the best results possible. With Tahweel, we offer a complete range of films to ensure that our supply of films match both load and machine load-wrapping requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • We use high quality raw material from highly respected raw material suppliers around the world, to ensure our customer satisfaction.

  • Our high production efficiency enables us to provide competitive prices to our customers.

  • Our finished product packaging ensure that the product reach the customer without any damages.

  • We wrap our customers packaging material well, to ensure it reach destinations in good condition.

Special Features:

  • Ultra-thin film with high-performance properties.
  • Unique combination of strength and tear and puncture resistance, with a guaranteed 10% improvement over existing films.
  • The latest in extrusion technology available.
  • The latest in new resin technology.
  • The only films in the market that use these new technologies.
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